Sell more on Amazon with our tech-driven retail platform

Grow sales, prevent out-of-stocks, and protect brand integrity. Through unrivaled expertise and proprietary technology, we grow brands across today’s leading online marketplaces.


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How Our Tech-Enabled Retail

Partnerships Work

What does it cost?

Not a dime.

As your eCommerce retailer, we buy inventory directly from you and work with your team to meet your pricing and marketing standards. The money that we make from selling your product then goes to providing value added services to optimize your brand’s presence on the Marketplace.

Why Partner with Pinecone Services?

You can count on us as the one-stop-shop for online commerce that grows along with you. Through our tech-enabled platform, you can continue building upon the same foundation of data, products, and services as you scale.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Questions About Our Retail Partnership?

We’ve got answers.

A typical client of ours sells at least $200,000 on Amazon annually. However, each partnership opportunity is evaluated on an individual basis.

With us, you can sell on Amazon Global, Walmart,  eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping, Shopify, OfferUp, Mercari and more. Amazon U.S. is, however, by far the largest marketplace, providing access to the largest number of customers. The best place to focus attention is on Amazon if your brand is not fully established there.

“It depends.” is the short answer. We utilize historical sales data, sales velocity, number of sellers, marketing budget, lead times, and many other factors to determine the size of our initial and ongoing purchase orders. As a result of these factors, our purchase orders typically range from four to six figures.

We support the following options for product fulfillment:

  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)
  • Cross-Marketplace Dropship
  • Third-Party Logistics for All Marketplaces

Certainly! We have processing facilities in several states (California, Iowa, Nebraska, and Delaware) that are equipped to receive, prepare, and ship your products to FBA, WFS, or DTC. With locations around the country, we are always close to you, which ensures optimal inventory coverage, as well as reduced lead times and shipping costs.

When sellers are unable to fulfill orders, they are losing sales. The problem of out-of-stocks has other ramifications as well.

  • Marketing performance is negatively affected. A product’s rank declines if it is out of stock. As product rank is influenced by both organic and paid marketing performance, running out of stock negatively impacts sales, even after inventory has been replenished.
  • Share of the market decreases. When a product is out of stock, customers turn to competitors. Consequently, this compounds the impact on product rankings, with competitors’ rankings improving while your own rankings decline. As a result, competitors are well-positioned to gain and maintain market share.

When there are multiple sellers in a listing, each seller occupies the Buy Box for only a portion of the time. Ads will run only for the seller that is currently in the Buy Box. As a result, no one seller’s ads have complete data to fully optimize performance. When competing against products sold through an exclusive seller, this puts your listing at a distinct disadvantage.

Additionally, this competition between sellers to control the Buy Box can lead to price-slashing, as the seller with the lowest price is more likely to win the Buy Box. This race to zero reduces sellers’ margins, which reduces their future PO’s to you. Having a single, exclusive seller negates both of these issues.

Contact Our Retail Team

Partnership Requirements

We primarily work with brands that already have an established brand following and existing presence on Amazon. These partnership parameters help us ensure your brand is well-positioned for us both to take full advantage of the marketplace. If your brand does not meet these requirements at this time, please check out our resources and blog which can help you get there, and reach out back out once you’ve built up some traction on Amazon.

What to Expect

We’ll start our introduction call by learning about your brand, goals, and current marketplace strategy. We’ll then share about how our Pinecone Services’s Retail Division works and explore how we can help you reach your goals as your strategic marketplace partner.